Investing for a better world

We make it easy to for you to help others

Let’s change how finance impacts the world.

For too long, the financial industry has had an unsustainable focus on profits above all else. Instead of supporting the most pressing issues in our world right now, these profits have only afforded a few people at the top extreme wealth. Not only that, this wealth is often earned at the expense of common people in the form of market crashes, inflation and debt slavery.

Good karma is good business.

We think it is time to turn the traditional financial industry on its head and transform the business model towards sustainability and away from predatory practices. That is why we decided to not only make it easier and cheaper to access one of the asset classes most used by the one percent, but also dedicate one percent of our revenue to good causes.

How it works

1. Sign up

You sign up and start investing.

2. You decide

You choose a cause that matters to you.

3. Donation

We donate to that cause and provide you with data on actual impact.

“Let’s change our investment portfolios to create happiness in the world.”

Pontus Lagerberg, CEO